Rise of the Runelords

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This page contains adventure synopses for the Rise of the Runelords campaign.

Background Information

A little bit of background about Sandpoint, The Late Unpleasantness, and why the PCs are here in the first place.

Chapter 1: Burnt Offerings

After The Late Unpleasantness, the residents of Sandpoint had hoped that the dedication of their newly rebuilt temple at the Swallowtail Festival marked the start of a new era of prosperity for the town. Unfortunately for everyone, Tsuto Kaijitsu helped coordinate a goblin raid on the town at the behest of his new love Nualia, the erstwhile Aasimar who was driven out of town after her baby was born an abomination.

The heroes fought off the raid, saving Aldern Foxglove in the process. After taking rest at the Rusty Dragon Inn (owned by Sandpoint's own Ameiko Kaijitsu), they hunted down Tsuto in his father's glassworks. After finding that he'd killed his father, they killed him and found evidence of Nualia's meddling from the Goblin stronghold of Thistletop.

The party made their way to the Thassilonian runes (the massive head of a statue poking out of the ground) and cleared the way to Nualia, who they faced and killed.

Left behind was the Creature of Nightmare, Malfeshnikor.

Chapter 2: The Skinsaw Murders

The party is embroiled in a murder investigation after two of Sandpoint's own are found brutally dispatched in the town's lumber mill. Their search lead them to The Misgivings where they found a possessed Aldern Foxglove (now self-labeled "The Skinsaw Man").

After killing Aldern, the party followed the clues to Magnimar, where they investigated a townhouse owned by the late noble. Here, they discovered the Skinsaw Cult, and found that they were operating out of the Seven Brother's Sawmill. Here, they faced Justice Ironbriar, who had forsaken his duty to the city and was coordinate cult activities in the region at the behest of his master Xanesha.

They chased Xanesha down to her lair, an ancient leaning clocktower in the Underbridge District. At the top of the tower, they faced the Lamia Matriarch, Xanesha and defeated her.

In her possessions was a mocking note from her sister, Lucrecia, which mentioned a small town far to the northeast: Turtleback Ferry.

Chapter 3: The Hook Mountain Massacre

The party journeys north to the town of Turtleback Ferry, where a recently sunken Treasure Barge appears to have been a central part of the local scene. After an encounter with some extremely backwards ogres, they liberate Fort Rannick. Ghedney and Krobus fight a now vampiric Ronogark, who escapes. A Deck of Many Things appears. Krobus draws two, gets a keep and a nice boost to his diplomacy. Ghedney draws three and finds nothing but woe (and becomes an NPC! Yay?).

Chapter 4: Fortress of the Stone Giants

After discovering a raid on Sandpoint, the party rushes back to prevent it. While they aren't successful stopping it (Teraktinus escapes with a piece of the Old Light), they discover a new ally in Madame Eva Mvashti. They journey to the Valley of the Black Tower to confront Mokmurian, a runt of a giant who's attempting to ally all the giant tribes together. There they discover Mokmurian has somehow called the demiplane of a mad wizard and attached it to the library. During the final confrontation, they discovered that he was also trying to summon Shar to Golarion in a misguided attempt to help Karzoug return. The party foils this plan, but destroys the demiplane in the process, thrusting themselves into the Astral Plane.

Chapter 5: ???

Chapter 6: ???

One-Shots and Side Quests

Nyazanti's Planar Orrery

The Visions from the Orrery

The Heist of House Aradel

A group of mercenaries working for Norgorber are hired by a mysterious woman to steal a rune-etched box and a ring from Naram Aradel in Magnimar. Though successful, they left many bodies (including Naram himself, along with his house guard Kinthasa Xianfeng and an unconnected young noble Derran Scarnetti).